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Check for plagiarism and get it removed


Plagiarism is presenting someone else's work as your own. To deduce another author's text and its presentation as your own lead to cheating and is considered as a serious academic offense. 

“Plagiarism is the copying, paraphrasing or summarising of work, in any form, without acknowledgement of sources, and presenting this as your own work.” – BSSS Plagiarism Policy Document

Stay checked and be genuine, and avoid picking up someone’s original idea without giving him/her the credit for it.

Thesis Consultants provides accurate and original plagiarism check reports. We use most reliable, authentic and latest paid tools for plagiarism check, which is acceptable in all academic institutions and university across the  globe.

Thesis consultants expert team shall remove plagiarism in your research article, thesis or dissertation within the specified time by rewriting and paraphrasing.  Our experts interpret and synthesize the information from their sources, rephrase the sentence in their own words so that meaning remains unchanged. Plagiarized content would be removed and replaced by fresh content, keeping the original significance unaltered.

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